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Welcome to My Music Services Site

Whether you're a singer/songwriter looking to put your music down on paper or a bride and groom looking for a pianist for your wedding, you've come to the right place.  

My focus is to help you incorporate music into your life in whatever way works best for you.

If you need someone to help you put your music down on paper and produce professionally typeset printed music, I can easily do that for you, using Finale or Sibelius.  I've worked with several large music publishers and many smaller publishers as well as individuals.  I can produce anything from a basic lead sheet or piano/vocal score to a full orchestra score or hymnal. I can even create a recording of your music so you can hear what it sounds like.  See the page on Music Engraving / Typesetting / Transcribing for more information.

Besides music publishing, I've also worked with many local theaters, schools, and churches to produce music that fits quickly changing formats. I can help you create accompaniment tracks, rehearsal CDs, and alternate sheet music.  And if you're creating a new production, I can help compose music to fit.  Please take a look at the Composing & Arranging page for more details on either type of project.

Do you have a melody running through your head, or lyrics that need a tune?  I can help you develop your own song:  put chords to it, create a lead sheet, back it up with various instruments of your choosing, and even create a quality demo recording.  With my huge library of virtual instruments, you could have any instrumentation you can imagine.  For this too, take a look at the Composing & Arranging page for more details.

I also perform live for weddings, parties, festivals, corporate events, and so on.  If needed, I can bring my own "piano" and will help you choose how live performance can fit into your event.  Click on my demo for a sample of my repertoire.

You can also perform my music in your situation.  See my product pages for CDs, sheet music, and accompaniment tracks.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

 - Linda

P.S. - This website works best in Firefox.  There are some issues with Internet Explorer 8.0 running on Windows XP which prevent some of the media players from loading consistently.  If you cannot play some things, try refreshing the page.