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Composing & Arranging

Do you have a melody that needs more instrumentation?
Do you have a piece of music that needs to be altered in some way, such as making it shorter or longer, using different instruments, etc.?
Do you have a solo song that you'd like to have arranged for a choir, or maybe a piece written for 4 part harmony that needs to be sung by a trio?

Let me help you create or arrange your music.

I have worked with choirs, bands and individuals, helping to organize, arrange and create the music needed for special projects.  My experience ranges from classical, jazz & pop styles to rock, orchestral & spiritual.  We can work together - one on one - or you can entrust your music to me to "massage" it according to your specifications.

This is very custom work so pricing will be based on the size of your project and the needs.  Please contact me for more information.